Chris Brancato

Chief Collaborator in the Cosmos of Creativity

I am an artist. If it all boils down to one thing, let it be that.

My creative ambition has been cultivated from birth and embeds passion into everything I do or any task assigned. When I take on a project/communication/strategy, I cannot simply carry it to completion, I strive towards perfection and put my all into my work. My list of skills is ever growing as I see no limit to the things that can be accomplished in life, and I never hesitate to learn more or help others achieve their goals.

I am an idea man, a strategist, a futurist and an achiever. I am an encourager, a leader and a lover. I wear my heart on my sleeve and take every opportunity to encourage and lift others up when I see them excel, but never hesitate to be straightforward and honest when I see a product or process that needs improvement or further development.

My goal in life is to help others present their best and and motivate others for a collective global impact. I have no desire to see my name in lights, but just knowing that I was part of something revolutionary will grant me the ability to look myself in the mirror one final time and know peace.

With two decades of experience designing communications and campaigns for Fortune 100 companies, I warmly bring tremendous creative value and experience to every initiative.

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